Addiction Treatment Scams Succeed Due To A Desire For A Quick Fix

Addiction Treatment

With millions of Floridians suffering from dependency to drugs or alcohol, it comes as no surprise that there is also an astonishing number of treatment centers. Sadly, this has also led to many people trying to profit off of Florida’s addiction problem by forming treatment scams aimed at those looking for a quick fix. Here we discuss the prevalence of treatment scams along with alternatives to a quick fix.

Addiction Treatment Scam Basics

We like to see the best in people, especially those who are supposedly trying to better the lives of others. Unfortunately, many see preying upon an addict’s sadness and desperation as an easy way to make money. Through genuine sounding advertising and promises, these scammers can lure in people looking for treatment only to let them down. Here are a few of the ways scammers offer a quick fix:

Internet Advertising

Because of the high number of facilities, Florida receives addicts seeking treatment from all over the country. For many, they discover centers on the internet. Even with the higher standards and filters search engines have implemented, many scammers still get through. Unless a person understands this realm well, they are likely unable to recognize if specific certifications the center claims are legitimate or not.

Halfway Houses

Many scammers, such as Kenneth Chapman, prefer a more hands-on approach to bring in Florida residents. Often, they will set up what they describe as safe sober living facilities when the reality is that they are little more than flophouses. To keep a steady stream of people (and money) coming in, they will send residents of the halfway house to programs like NA to find vulnerable people with good insurance.

Finding Reputable Addiction Treatment

Of course, no plan for addiction treatment is going to apply to all people. Still, there are many universal signs individuals and families should look for to decide if it is a reliable facility.

Some of the signs include:

Testimonials & Reviews

Feedback from clients is one of the best ways to gain insight into a center’s approach. Not only does it give a better idea of the pros and cons of the facility, but it also offers an intimate look into different services and treatments. While reading testimonials on the website is a good idea, you should also seek out reviews from places like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Vast Experience

The more experience a center has, the more likely they will be able to help you along the road of recovery. While some new facilities may offer what you need, it is a general rule of thumb to look for one with more than five years of experience. Often, scam treatments will not last long.

Treatments You Need

While you should shy away from clinics that offer guaranteed recovery or quick fixes, you should also seek out ones that provide you the specific treatments you need. For example, if you are looking to overcome opioid dependency with the help of medication, be sure the facility has that option. Facilities such as Fifth Street Counseling Center offers both intensive outpatient (IOP) treatments and Vivitrol®, a non-addictive, once-a-month injection which helps to prevent relapse.


Many people seek out quick fixes because they believe it’s less expensive than other treatment options. While there are plenty of luxury treatment options, Fifth Street Counseling Center offers several options to make addiction treatment affordable for you. Alongside working with several in-network insurance plans, we also accept Medicaid and offer flexible payment options. Treatment at reduced fees and scholarships are also available on a limited basis. For those interested in Vivitrol®, we offer it for free for qualifying clients.

While there are several quick fix treatments available, it is essential to realize that overcoming your addiction is not that simple. To avoid scams, you must know how to recognize reputable treatment options. At Fifth Street Counseling Center, our dedicated specialists collaborate with you and your insurance company to find a custom program that will help you along the path of recovery. If you are ready to take the first step, call us today at (954)-797-5222!

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