Could Counseling Help My Family?

family counseling

Family counseling is beneficial for so many reasons, but it’s not always easy to take that first step and decide whether you want to seek help or not. If you’re considering family counseling, chances are high that you’re in a position where counseling will greatly help you. Some issues are best tackled as a team and getting outside help puts your family in a position to learn to lean on each other through big changes and life events.

What Is Family Counseling?

At its core, family counseling is here to help you strengthen the bonds between family members through empathy, communication, and understanding. Counseling sessions are held with all family members present, or with specific family members who are in need of a private space to work through their thoughts. In between sessions, families can work on implementing their newly learned skills in their daily lives.

The type of family counseling you need is largely dependent on the issues you want to work through, making all therapy tailored to you and your family’s needs. If your family struggles to communicate, focus can be applied in sessions to teaching effective communication and listening skills. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help put a stop to negative thought patterns and behaviors that stop you from connecting with your loved ones.

Does My Family Need Counseling?

Almost every family can benefit from counseling in one way or another, but there are certain situations were family counseling can drastically improve how loved ones interact with each other. If one member of your household is struggling with something, it’s highly likely that this impacts those living around them.

Lack Of Connection

Despite living under one roof, families can drift apart. Time spent together as a family may be lacking, or the time spent together may seem to have lost any emotional connection. Through counseling, you can get to the root of the problem to figure out how to bring your family closer together again.


Without clear communication and a willingness to listen, conflict between family members can be a very serious issue. Arguments can heavily impact the level of trust and respect you hold towards your loved ones, and unresolved conflict can stick around longer than you’d think. Counseling gives clients an open and unbiased space to share their thoughts and sets you on the track to improving your conflict resolution skills at home.

Shared Trauma

Some problems are shared between all family members. The death of pets or loved ones, financial hardship, and natural disasters affect everyone in a family, not just individuals. Sometimes, the best way to work through these difficult events is with the support system of your family around you, reminding you that you’re not alone in the struggles you have.

Parenting Help

Parenting isn’t easy, and there’s no set guide to follow to make the parent-child relationship work. A counselor can work with parents to help them set boundaries, consistent discipline, and help parents and children find respect and trust for each other. Counseling provides a neutral space for family members to talk about what really bothers them in terms of family relationships. Parent counseling also offers major benefits for the rest of the family, helping to give you insight into how your actions can impact your home.

Family Counseling At Fifth Street Counseling Center

We’ve been serving the Broward County community since 1991, and to accommodate your whole family, we’re open until 9pm on Saturdays and most weeknights. We’ve also recently started offering video counseling services so that we can better serve the community while we try and navigate around COVID-19. Contact us today and find out what we at Fifth Street can do to help you strengthen the bonds between your family members.

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