Couples Counseling

Teamwork makes the dream work, as the saying goes. But what if the team isn’t working properly, or the dream has faded out of sight? This is where couples counseling comes into play.

Also known as relationship therapy, couples counseling is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples strengthen their relationship. Our certified relationship therapists assist couples in need, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation.

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Primary Reasons For Couples Counseling

Contrary to popular belief, couples do not need to experience a catalytic event to seek out relationship counseling. Rather than seeing couples therapy as a solution to a pre-existing problem, relationship counseling can simply be a functional aspect of any healthy relationship. Some couples seek out counseling before getting married to learn more about their partnership in a safe and secure environment and iron out any issues before saying “I do.” In other instances, couples seek out counseling for guidance to help improve a damaged relationship. Some of the primary reasons people seek out counseling include:


Traumatic events can place a significant strain on relationships, whether they are experienced by one or both parties. While individual therapy may be necessary to process the traumatic event, couples counseling can address the impact on a relationship.

Pregnancy and children

Going from two people to three or more changes the dynamics of a relationship. Whether you have been planning for a child or are surprised by the new addition, major life changes can be difficult to navigate without guided assistance.


Conflict itself is not necessarily a sign of an unhealthy relationship, but if your fights start to become more heated, more frequent, and impact other aspects of your life it may be time to get help.


The loss of trust and anger associated with infidelity can tear relationships apart, but if both parties are committed to making it work couples counseling can provide partners with the tools needed to start mending their relationship.

Loss Intimacy

Talking to a counselor is one of the best ways to help couples rekindle feelings of emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy. A couples counselor will also be able to recommend partners seek medical advice for sexual problems that may be health-related.

What Happens In Couples Counseling Sessions?

During your first session, your counselor will get to know both you and your partner, and the background history of your relationship. Moving forward, you may be asked to complete homework assignments, such as spending 10 minutes every day speaking about non-stressful topics, or writing down how a specific event made you feel.

Although each session is different, some common therapy techniques for couples include:

Couples therapists are also trained to manage all kinds of situations, from sessions spent in complete silence to heated arguments. Anything and everything can happen when emotions are high; it is your counselor’s job to referee those emotions and teach you and your partner how to keep them in check.

Although unconventional and significantly more difficult, it is possible to attend couples counseling by yourself. Sometimes a partner or spouse is less committed to attending counseling, or will leave a session half -way through. At Fifth Street Counseling Centre our therapists are trained to handle a variety of situations, including therapy sessions where one partner is absent or non-committal.

If you would like to attend couples counseling, but are having difficulty getting your partner on board, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Benefits of Couples Counseling

Trained relationship therapists act as unbiased third parties in heated or dramatic situations, while also providing an office or space warring couples can view as neutral territory. Although friends and family can offer comfort and support, only an impartial third party can provide advice and assistance that will benefit both parties equally.

Couples counselors also provide partners with a platform to express themselves. When couples attend therapy together, everyone hears all sides of the story. This is particularly beneficial for couples who have experienced a breakdown in communication, but also for couples struggling with other issues, as a therapist’s office is often where suppressed issues come to the fore.

When issues do arise, our trained therapists can provide couples in therapy with the tools needed to address their conflicts in a healthy manner, both in the session room and at home.

A couples therapist will also be able to recommend individual therapy sessions if one partner is struggling with mental health issues or addiction, particularly in situations where mental illness or substance abuse are the cause of an unhealthy relationship, or as a result of a fractious partnership.

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