How Family Can Help A Loved One Through Drug And Alcohol Rehab

drug and alcohol rehab

Watching a loved one go through the struggle of overcoming addiction is not an easy experience to endure. In many instances, you may be left feeling helpless. Although it may seem as though the situation is out of your hands, there are several ways that family can help a loved one on the path to overcoming addiction through drug and alcohol rehab.

The Bold Decision To Go To Rehab

When someone makes the courageous decision to acknowledge a substance abuse problem and get professional help, it’s a huge step in the right direction.

Choosing to seek help and go through the rehabilitation process is the first step in making a difference. It’s important for both the individual and their family to manage their expectations of rehab in order to achieve the best results.

Committing to an Intensive Outpatient Program requires a lot of support. Having a better understanding of how you play a supportive role can have a big impact.

The Role Of Friends And Family

Each family is different, and each journey is unique. It’s important to understand both the effect of familial relationships on the individual, as well as the role that loved ones play in recovery.

For example, there are times when addiction runs in the family and this is an important aspect to consider. In other instances, codependency can be a problem in the journey to recovery. But in many cases, addiction is limited to one person and it’s beneficial for the family to step up to the role of support.

Regardless of the situation, it’s important to understand that rehab is a journey, and not a magical “fix-all” solution. Support needs to be maintained throughout rehab, as well as after the program is finished.

After leaving rehab, your loved one may struggle to gain steady employment, recover from financial difficulties, experience health issues and even have to work on building trust. Knowing that someone is alongside them as they navigate the change of season can do a world of wonder.

Tips On How To Support Your Loved One

Supporting your loved one on their journey to recovery is often easier said than done. Having a loved one journey through rehab can take a toll on their loved ones as well. However, there are a few practical ways to make the experience easier – for both parties.

  • Understand The Situation

    Choosing to go through drug and alcohol rehabilitation can bring about unexpected feelings and issues through certain processes. By making the effort to understand what these processes entail, you’ll be better equipped to support your loved one.

  • Learn To Communicate

    Navigating sensitive emotions can be very difficult when a loved one is going through drug or alcohol rehabilitation. There’s often a lot of pent-up anger, frustration, depression, and disappointment.

    Learning to effectively communicate in a supportive way, ask the right questions and activate a patient attitude can help turn a vicious cycle into a productive breakthrough.

  • Provide Practical Assistance

    Offer your help in whatever way that you can. Whether you ride them to their treatment and support groups or act as a reminder for them to take any medicine. By removing the stress of going through the motions alone, you’re reminding them of your love.

  • Encourage Positive Behavior

    Drugs and alcohol become addictive when individuals rely on substances to cope with life and experience certain emotions. When removing drugs and alcohol from the equation, your loved one will be searching for alternate places to find these highs. A great way to show support is to encourage healthy activities such as exercise – and even involve yourself.

  • Assist With Preparation

    Once your loved one has succeeded in their rehab journey, they will need to adjust to a new life without substances. Preparing for this season is important to maintain progress. Be a part of helping them to find a place to live and get a job if needed.

Start Support From Day One

If your loved one has made the bold decision to get professional help – or are even pondering the idea – then you have a role to play. You can start practicing support from the very first moment.Call us at (954) 797-5222 to find out more about our family counseling and rehabilitation programs. We’ve served Broward County since 1991 and would love to serve you too.

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