How Video Counseling Is Changing The Way We Deal With Mental Health

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COVID-19 continues to affect nearly every aspect of our daily lives, but not all the changes have been negative. While social distancing has become the new normal, it allows many services to either implement or improve their virtual offerings. One such field that continues to benefit from video services is mental health counseling. Here the specialists at Fifth Street Counseling Center discuss how video counseling is beneficial to anyone seeking our services.

COVID-19 And Counseling

Meeting in either one-on-one or group counseling situations can put everyone at a higher risk of being exposed to the virus – even when following social distancing and wearing a mask. This new reality is also true for anyone inside the center, including receptionists and other staff. Transitioning from in-center services to more video counseling appointments also helps keep the center cleaner for those who must attend the center in person for drug testing or Vivitrol treatment.

Video Counseling Basics

Online therapy and video counseling have grown in popularity in the last few years as it offers a wide array of benefits for many clients. While there are several apps and services available, more counseling centers are adapting technology to offer both current and new clients an innovative approach to their care. Depending on your counseling needs, this is how your sessions will happen at Fifth Street Counseling Center.

Group Counseling

For those seeking counseling in anger management, domestic violence, intensive outpatient (IOP), parenting, or substance abuse, video group counseling options are now available. Clients can simply confirm and make their payment over the phone. Unlike many other video counseling appointments, you do not have to download an app and will instead receive information on how to join our HIPPA-compliant live stream session. The meeting itself is remarkably similar to in-person sessions but can be conducted on any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Individual Counseling

For those seeking individual counseling, the overall video counseling process is much like the group counseling process. Individuals will receive a phone call to confirm their session and complete their payment. The actual one-on-one meeting will occur over a HIPPA-compliant live streaming platform that does not require downloading an app. Again, the session will be very similar to your one-on-one in-center sessions but is instead conducted on any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Benefits Of Video Counseling

Whether you seek out group or individual counseling services from Fifth Street Counseling Center, there are several benefits to video counseling. They include:

  • Convenience

    Our busy lives often make it difficult to make time to attend an in-person counseling session. With video counseling, you can attend the session wherever you are as long as you have access to the internet. This service has been especially helpful for those who live in rural areas, have been displaced or laid off, or do not have a car.

  • Confidence

    For many people, there is still a social stigma surrounding counseling services. Video counseling allows our clients to attend from the safety of their homes, which often allows them to be more relaxed and comfortable in sessions. Group sessions are often more conducive as people feel more confident speaking up while individual sessions often put people more at ease to discuss their issues.

  • Consistency

    One of the most crucial aspects of proper treatment is that the client remains consistent with their sessions. Video counseling helps to eliminate missing your session due to COVID-19, inclement weather, or other inconveniences. It also helps to eliminate the cost of travel and gas for clients, making it easier for them to be more consistent in their appointments.

While video counseling is a new concept for many clients and mental health professionals alike, it offers an innovative approach that is positively changing how we deal with our counseling needs. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a counseling session with the trusted professionals at Fifth Street Counseling Center, call us today at 954-797-5222!

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