It’s Going To Be Okay: Seeking Help For Drug Addiction

drug addiction

Do you find yourself grappling with a drug addiction? Often, this can result in feelings of guilt and shame which can deeply affect self-confidence and relationships. This can make it really difficult to come forward for help getting back on the right path.

Although this journey to recovery may seem daunting, it starts with one small step – and that’s knowing that you’re not alone.

Florida’s Struggle Against Drugs

There are various reasons that people come to struggle with drug addiction. Various environmental influences, innocent medicinal prescriptions that are taken advantage of and sometimes even addictive personalities can play a role in drug addiction.

Sadly, the misuse and abuse of drugs is on the rise around America. Florida is no exception to this trend. In 2017, there were more than 5,000 drug-related deaths and a 45% increase in the synthetic opioid-related deaths in Florida.

However, there is hope. Although an increasing number of people are struggling with drug abuse, there are several reputable drug rehabilitation facilities that are dedicated to helping overcome addiction, no matter what your walk of life.

5 Practical Steps To Overcome Addiction

Each recovery story is unique and powerful, and most follow a similar set of steps to overcoming addiction.

  1. Acknowledge and Recognize

    The first step to overcoming addiction is to recognize the addiction and decide to make a change. Taking responsibility for your addiction is a huge step towards recovery.

    Admitting to yourself that you are struggling with substances normally involves a fair amount of self-evaluation. It’s important to begin to assess where you are in your life, what could have led to your addiction and what do you want to achieve. You may not have all of these answers at first, but introspection is a healthy step in moving forward. 

  2. Preparation Is Key

    Deciding to make the change in your lifestyle is half the effort. However, you’ll still need to put practical steps in place to action your decision.

    You can start by removing all addictive substances from your home and eliminate any known triggers (which may include people).

  3. Find Support

    Fighting addiction can be a lonely battle and specifically challenging when done alone. A support system can make a world of difference during the moments when the mountain in front of you seems too steep to climb.

    Support can come in many different ways such as family, friends and professional treatment facilities.

  4. Change Behaviors

    On your journey, you’ll find that certain people and activities may make you feel uncomfortable, or like you’re slipping backward.

    As you begin to overcome your addiction, you’ll have to change these relationships and habits to support your new, healthier lifestyle.

  5. Consider The Consequences

    If you want to remove the hold that addiction has on your life, then you need to be realistic about the journey. There will be moments when you’ll experience withdrawal, contemplate relapse and maybe even have to work through relapse.

    Considering the consequences of both changing your behavior and relapsing into your old ways will allow you to better manage your recovery.

Preparation Tips

A large part of recovering from drug addiction is being realistic about the expectations that you have of the journey. There are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Get Support

    You’re stronger when you have better knowledge about your addiction, and the support group to help you overcome it.

  • Find an Accountability Buddy

    Helping someone else overcome addiction can create a powerful mental shift in how you approach addiction. Instead of becoming a victim, you take on the role of providing solutions and support.

  • Focus on Your Passions

    There’s no better way to take your mind off of a substance than to channel your energy to something that leaves you feeling fulfilled.

  • Journal Your Journey

    Self-awareness and understanding can make a big difference in working through your triggers and mental health. A journal is a great introspective tool that can give you the perspective and understanding that you need to overcome addiction.

  • Introduce Healthy Habits

    When you remove unhealthy habits in your life, you make way for healthier ones. From changing your diet to taking up exercise, each small change has a bigger impact than you realize.

  • Get Professional Help

    There’s nothing shameful in admitting that you have an addiction and making the bold decision to overcome it. A professional treatment center has the means to support you in the journey to recovery.

Get Help Today

While the first step towards recovery is induced by an individual’s desire to change, the journey is a long one that is filled with challenges and needs support. If you want to have a shot at a better life, then seeking professional help is one of the most important steps in recovery.At Fifth Street Counseling Center, we offer safe and convenient treatment to the Medicaid population. You’re not alone in your decision to overcome addiction. Call us at 954-797-5222 or schedule an appointment online to get support today.

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