The Benefits Of Marriage Counseling

Benefits Of Marriage Counseling

It may be difficult to acknowledge issues with your marriage that have contributed to a strained relationship with your spouse. Problems that have been ongoing for months or years may come to a head and threaten to breakdown your relationship. Counseling may be the solution to resolving the issues that have caused strife in your marriage. Below are some of the benefits that marriage counseling offers to help you and your partner work on restoring harmony to your relationship.

Getting A Third-Party Opinion

Marital or couples counselors may not know the inner workings of your relationship the same way you, your spouse, or your friends and confidants may know, but they can provide an objective overview. It may be beneficial for couples to have a more distant third party hear the spouses’ issues. This person has no preconceived notions or biases that would make the repair process more fraught and instead will help the rebuilding go more smoothly.

Voice Your Thoughts

Couples may feel insecure or anxious about voicing issues they have with their partner or needs they feel are not being met. Counseling gives all parties the platform to verbalize what you may not have been able to admit, while simultaneously receiving guidance as you and your partner react to these surfacing thoughts. Marriage counselors can serve as a mediator and facilitate constructive discussion of a subject that you raise. Counselors are trained professionals who have learned how to mediate conflict and open up lines of communication.

Learn Communication

Some couples in counseling may say that they do not feel heard or that they do not have the proper tools to communicate their needs and concerns to their partner. This brings up the old platitude: communication is key. This is repeated often but is very true, especially when it comes to relationships that seem to have stopped working for one or both partners. In counseling, you will learn the skills to communicate properly with your partner to avoid creating more conflict while ensuring you feel equipped to have honest and important dialogues with the person you married.

Work Through Long-Standing Complications

Although this may seem obvious, older issues in your relationship may be contributing to the current breakdown you and your spouse are experiencing. You may not recognize this because you thought old wounds had healed or because you and your partner never confronted the issue when it arose in the past. Going to counseling may bring old issues to light and give you the opportunity to finally work through them in a productive setting.

couples counseling
At the end of the day, you can focus on what’s tearing you apart or what’s keeping you together.

Process Complex Emotions With Your Spouse

Communicating your emotional issues and needs is a fine line between bottling things up and constantly unloading on your partner. Both of these practices can breed resentment on either end. Bringing personal and marital problems home may put both spouses on edge as you are constantly on alert for conflict when interacting with your partner, which creates a necessity for a designated space to vent these feelings.

Learn How To Tackle Problems Going Forward

Once you have understood and begun to work through your past and current complications with your partner, you will develop a set of skills to manage conflict in the future. The techniques that you will learn in counseling extend beyond your time working with a couple’s counselor. You may spend time together getting to know your partner again, learning what they need and how they show love in order for you to be able to convey that as well.

Find Accessible Marriage Counseling Locally

Fifth Street Counseling Center has been serving Broward County since 1991, operating out of multiple locations and providing a variety of services, including couples counseling. To accommodate our clients, we stay open late most weekday nights and Saturdays and offer all our programs and individual counseling in both English and Spanish. Contact us today at 954-797-5222 to learn more about how we can help you improve your relationship.

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