What Is VIVITROL® & How Can It Help With Addiction?


Did you know that approximately 21 million Americans struggle with some form of addiction? Of these individuals, only 10% receive drug and alcohol treatment to help overcome their disorder. This leaves a large number of individuals struggling on a daily basis.

While some people with mild alcohol problems can overcome their struggles with the help of a support group, others with serious alcohol addiction require professional treatment. The same can be said for mild and serious opioid addictions.

One of the main reasons that prevent people from stepping forward for help is because of the severe discomfort of withdrawal, and the shame that is often associated with addiction. In these instances, Vivitrol® can be a huge asset in bridging the gap between addiction and being independent of a substance.

What Is Vivitrol®?

In a nutshell, Vivitrol® is a non-addictive monthly injection consisting of naltrexone. As a prescription treatment, Vivitrol® is administered by licensed professionals to individuals recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Vivitrol® is only used with individuals in the detox phase of addiction recovery to help with the symptoms of withdrawal. It’s very important that Vivitrol® is only used once the individual has abstained from substances for at least a week.

While Vivitrol® is not a one-shot cure for addiction, but it can be a big help in the healing journey.

How Does Vivitrol® Work?

Before consuming any formulation, it’s wise to know what the injection does to your body and how it helps with addiction recovery.

Vivitrol® is injected into the muscles once a month by a professional. The formula works to prevent the feelings of euphoria and sedation that are the result of various substances, specifically opioids, and alcohol.

It does this by binding to the receptor sites in the place where substances would normally stick. As a result, any potential relapse during the recovery journey will not have the same high as before as the receptor sites are blocked.

How Can Vivitrol® Help to Overcome Addiction?

With a better understanding of how Vivitrol® can help bridge the gap between substance dependency and being free of addiction, it’s easier to understand the role that it can play in the journey to recovery.

The intramuscular injection blocks the euphoric effects of alcohol and drugs. This helps to reduce cravings and lowers the chance of relapse.

It’s important to note that Vivitrol® is not a cure for addiction, but rather an aid in overcoming.

Another form of naltrexone is oral pills that need to be taken every one to three days. As a monthly, extended-release injection, it is easier for individuals to manage their intake.

drug addiction
The mentality and behavior of drug addicts and alcoholics is wholly irrational until you understand that they are completely powerless over their addiction and unless they have structured help, they have no hope. – Russel Brand

A Professional Vivitrol® Program In Plantation, Miramar, & Pompano Beach

At Fifth Street Counseling, we offer a Vivitrol® program for those who qualify. Funded by the DCF and OSCA, the treatment is made available to those struggling with addiction without having to pay the cost of medical fees.

It’s very important to note that Vivitrol® is only to be used during detox. The injection is administered in conjunction with a recovery program to make sure that each patient gets the support that is needed and removes certain physical risks.

Individuals who are allergic to naltrexone, or who are using opioids responsibly to manage pain, should not use Vivitrol®. It’s important to get the guidance of a professional for these reasons and more.

Get Help Today

We understand the variety of emotions that come with giving up an addiction. We admire the bravery to ask for help, and the perseverance to see the journey through.

We have three locations servicing Broward County in Pompano, Plantation, and Miramar, giving you the convenience that you need to get help. If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse, you can call us at (954) 797-5222.

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